Recovery Sessions

Session duration: 2 hours for first session, 1 hour per month for subsequent sessionsAverage sessions needed: Usually 3–6 sessions, depending on requirements

You and your situation are 100% unique, so your series of Recovery sessions will be designed entirely around you.

After your Discovery call, I will give you a good idea of the number of Recovery sessions you will need. That number is never set in stone – it all depends on the level of support you need. And if you feel you need more support, you can of course book extra sessions.

Recovery sessions won’t be difficult, but I will set you positive tasks to help you move forward. I won’t just be listening, I’ll be giving you practical advice and action points.

At the end of each session, I will also give you your own Personal Recovery sheet, which will outline key points and everything we have discussed, as well as next actions.

PLEASE NOTE: I will always be available in between Recovery sessions. I will love hearing from you about progress or if you have any questions, at no extra charge.