Discovery Call (free)

Session duration: 30 minutes

In order for you to find out about me, and for me to find out about everything you have been through, we will start with a free 30-minute phone call, at a time to suit you.

The call won’t be at all difficult or challenging – just a structured chat, to discuss anything you may need going forward.

With some clients, I can tell from this first call that my New Chapter programme isn’t ideal for them at that time. For example, if you are still in a particularly difficult period, I will recommend another type of service such as counselling or rehabilitative therapy. Due to the many years I have worked in this field, I have a network of caring and trustworthy professionals, so can signpost you to the help you need most.

For other clients, the Discovery call alone is enough to help them on their way forward. I will never arrange extra sessions you don’t need, although most people will need at least 3 Recovery sessions – the next stage of my programme.